Nov 19, 2011

Travel volunteer

Did you know about this project called "Travel Volunteer" in progress at the moment in Japan?
This project, planned by a travel agency called Magellan Resorts in Kanazawa city Japan, is to find someone from overseas to actually travel around Japan and show to the world that Japan is safe, aiming to rebuild Japan tourism suffering from harmful rumor.
1897 people from 85 countries applied, and a couple from England was selected. Those two have been traveling in Japan since Sep 15, in order to visit all of the 47 prefectures in 100 days.

Their blog is here.
This is written in English, but you'll find some articles written in Japanese as well.

Here is one of the posts I found interesting on their blog.


  1. Something like this

    eChie your new purple sunglasses look awesome! Although you would look sweeter without 'em :-)

  2. I live in the north of england and we are so lucky, a japanese lady lives nearby and she runs a japanese class. Everyone in our class applied to this travel volunteer. ^^

    I got a good luck charm from their weekly quiz!


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