Gaki No Tsukai (Subbed)

If the links are wrong or not working, please let me know.
*Last update  -
 Fed 23 Kiki Milk is added below! Also DL links for Amemiyas are fixed.
Feb22  DL links for Housoushitsus and Mah-kun Fever are re-uploaded!

Kiki Series 
Miso soup   Watch - Download 
Yakisoba    pt1 Watch  pt2 Watch  - Download
Milk     Watch Pt1 - Watch Pt2  - DownloadScreeenshot    new♥

Mr. Bater 
Pharmacy    Watch - Download
Doctor visit    Watch - Download
Flower Shop    Watch - Download  
Umbrella Shop    Watch - Download  

Okan & Mah-kun 
Dreaming 2    Watch - Download  
Girl friend  Watch  Download  Screenshoot     new♥
Fever        Watch - Download  - Screenshoot   new♥

Housou Shitsu Radio 
#313 Yamazaki's wife    Watch - Download 
#254  Hamada's childhood story  Watch - Download

Kids Game 
1st episode    Watch - Download 
2nd episode   Watch - Download  
3rd episode  Watch - Download

Cathy Tsukamoto Cooking Show 
Dinner de good    Watch - Download 
We love cooking    Watch - Download 
Cooking Hattoshite Boo    Watch - Download 
Cooking  Hang in there  Watch - Download

Gottsu Introduction Song 
Kirai dayo by YOU and Fairchild    Watch - Download

 Downtown Watch   Download - Youtube - Screeenshot    new♥
700th Heyx3 Youtube - Download - Screeenshot    new♥

Giant Food Project 
Sushi Roll   Watch  - Download  - Screenshot    new♥

Matsumoto Challenge 
High Voltage Watch   -  Download - Screenshot  new♥

Gottsu A Kanji 
Ikaga Desu    Watch - Download 
Busukko Club    Watch - Download 
Your Dog is Loose!    Watch - Download 
Kouma    Watch - Download 
Master Curry Rice    Watch - Download 
Paiman    Watch - Download 
Cinderella  WatchDownload - Screeenshot    new♥
Under The Stars  Watch - Download - Screeenshot    new♥

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  1. Thanks alot for your subs :D

  2. I cannot watch your video on youtube. It says "This video is private"

  3. The download for 'Busukko Club' is no longer working. Could reupload it please?

  4. Cathy Tsukamoto Cooking Show4 Cooking Hang in there
    is not working, love the rest of them though

    1. Thank you for re-uploading those file however this is what I get when I try to access the files:
      FileServe can only be used to download and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.

      Is there another download site these can be retrieve from?

  5. Busukko club download link is not working

  6. housou shitsu 254 is not working

  7. I really hope you could sub more Cathy Tsukamoto. I found a veoh channel with lots of Cathy Tsukamoto but unfortunately it wasn't subbed. I really love matsumoto's character there. THANKS eChie!~ OOOOUUUUTTTT!~

  8. 210-240 minutes when you goan to upload it plz it soo funny show & and i can,t wait !!!! TNX ;))

  9. Giant food project sushi roll mirror doesn't seem to be working.

  10. Thanks echie for all your hard work! Very much appreciated, i've downloaded all of them.

  11. thanx for the blog.
    love it...♥

    keep the good work★★

  12. You should reupload Cathy cooking show to another server ....Thank you

  13. I love your blog <3
    Thank you very much for your hard work eChie<3!

  14. Your amazing, thanks for all the hard work!

  15. Wow Great Blog!!! Its so cool that you do this!!!

  16. Cathy Tsukamoto Cooking Show files don't seem to be downloadable fileserve won't let you download, can these be placed somewhere to get? Thank You!

  17. kids game link for 1st episode does not work (watching online or downloading, both dont work)

  18. HI, your cathy series is not functioning other than cook de good

  19. Hi! i love your subs, sadly i cant download from those fileserv links.. for example Mr.Bater episodes doesnt work, it says: FileServe can only be used to download and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally. ..I hope u get it fixed :)


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