Nov 12, 2011

Another bizarre flavor of pepsi

As many of you already know,
Suntory produces some bizarre flavors for pepsi on a periodic basis.
I've seen Pepsi Cucumber, Pepsi Blue Hawaii, Pepsi Azuki etc so far.

For 2011 winter, recently released is "Pepsi Pink".

Look at this cute mixture of the design of the bottle and the color of the cola!!
This is so different, even from all the other bizarre pepsis previously released.
It's so PINK and girlish!

The concept of this product is "Glamorous pinkish cola for winter party season"
"Strawberry milk cola with rich aroma and refreshing flavor"
(From the news release on the Suntory website)

I bought one as soon as I found it.
I personally think, this is the best flavor of all.
I can feel refreshing strawberry flavor, and the slight milky flavor is making it milder and yummier.
It's not like the other flavors that I couldn't even finish a bottle.
I would buy it again.


  1. "Genkei" isn't it? For limited time only. Japan does really like limited stuff. But in Japan is limited, really limited, and if it gets all sold, you're basically fucked up or on your own :D.

  2. i wanna try it :D

  3. How much is it?


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