Jan 8, 2012

Airport 0-30 people and item descriptions

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I will add explanations on people and things introduced in No-laughing Airport on my blog.
I'll add more explanations when Zurui releases something new on Zurui's blog,
I hope this will help you enjoy the Airport Batsu!

Here are links to watch First 30 minutes translated.

Putlocker  -  Download 

Rocchi Kokado (ロッチ コカド)

Kokado (Left) is a junior duo comedian who acts in Rocchi with Nakaoka(Right).  Known as a stuttering speaker.

Kitano Takeshi (北野たけし)
Takeshi is one of the most famous comedians in Japan,  who is also known worldwide as a film maker.

Gekidan-hirori is a solo comedian, who is known for his Nakigei.
Nakigei is a fake-crying performance that he does during his comedy.


Kuwagata is Japanese name for Stag beetle.
It has a huge jaw and a strong bite.


ROBO-G (ロボジー)


It's a movie about an old man who happened to become a robot for a show and a girl student who loves robots (Yoshitaka Yuriko).  It will be released on Jan 14th 2012.

 OKADA KEISUKE ( 岡田 圭右) - Happy Boy

 Okada(Left) is a comedian, forming MasudaOkada with Masuda(Right).
He is known for his old fashioned style of comedy, such as just screaming nonsenses, exaggerated reactions or repetitive catch phrases.
But other comedians don't just think he is unfunny, but a genius unfunny
 comedian.    Happy Boy   Happy Boy Returns    His talk 
Oriental Radio Fujimori  (オリエンタルラジオ 藤森)

Fujimori is a comedian in Oriental Radio duo.  His partner is Nakata.
Oriental Radio first got to be known in public at M-1 Grand Prix in 2004.
They reached the Final Four with their performance "Buyuden".
Since then, they became popular and used to hold some host shows.
Recently their popularity was declining, but Fujimori regained his popularity as his "Charao(Play boy)" character in 2011.


  1. Aside from Takeshi's Castle, I'll always remember Kitano Takeshi from Battle Royale. That was such a crazy movie. Thank you for helping us foreigners with the subs and culture! You rock!

  2. ty for what you guys do.

  3. thx for the sub it was fun <3

  4. Domo Arigato gozaimashita eChie-sama. You and the team are putting an enormous smile on my face. Again thank you so much for the time you are putting into subbing videos for the rest of us!

  5. Thank you for your hard work!

  6. Seen most of movies of Takeshi Kitano and they are really great, but if he is in it, it will be so hard to not watch despite that I want to wait till all is done.

    Also many thanks for the time and effort being put into the subbing.

  7. thank you very much for your work !

  8. would you post the softsub please? thanks

  9. @kevinsenjaya, on gakifiles blogs it said that they were going to release the .ass subs when completed with the entire batsu game.


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