Nov 11, 2011

Nanka ・なんか・何か

Nanka   なんか 何か = Somehow, kind of

This is an useful phrase when you don't want to be too direct.

"Nanka Tanoshii ne!" "何か楽しいね!"= " It's kind of fun, huh!"

"Nanka futotta?""何か太った?" = "Did you kind of put on some weight?"

"Nanka hen janai?""何か変じゃない?" = "Isn't it kind of strange?" or "Isn't it strange somehow?"


Btw, the reason why I wrote about this phrase is because I found myself repeating this phrase when I spoke.

I tend to use it a lot when I'm nervous or when I'm trying hard to explain something.

I do not recommend you to keep repeating "Nanka..Nanka.." like I do, because it does not sound smart!

It sounds more like Yama-chan or Tanaka than Ma-chan or Hama-chan xD

Oh, but I love Yama-chan tho ;)


  1. Thanks for listening to me eChie-chan. You DO use the Kanjis after all. Looks great :)!
    I thought you keep repeating yourself, because you're a women... after least you said that.

    But seriously, there are quite some phrases which get repeated tremendously often, for example "Kawaaaai" or the favorite one of the audience, if something terrible happens/should've happened "Eeeeeh!?"

    In the beginning it's quite adorable, but after some time it gets repetitive and rather annoying, than fun to listen.

    In terms of sounding smart/not smart : you're capable of speaking the English language. After all you can use this against your social environment to , who would've guessed, sound smart. "It's not >Hanbaagaa<, it's Hamburger for gods sake,アホか".

    And WHY do you love Yama-chan, isn't Matsumoto funnier :D? Or is it just this teddybear-ish aura he possess? There is an immediate need of an "Yama-chan FAQ" :).

  2. @Anon,

    Quick response to your answer, Anon!
    This is why I love Yama-chan.
    It's because his humor is unique comparing to other comedians who admire Matsumoto, try to copy him, and end up being lame.
    Matsumoto is of course funny and very talented.
    I really think there is no comparison between him and any other comedians in Japan ;)

    I love Yama-chan because he is funny in his own way and yes also because he is teddybear-ishly cute!!

  3. @eChie So women do after all like men, who are teddybear-ish? Isn't that kind of sweet, innocent and "weak" :-)?

    Anyhow, personally I DO like Yama-san more than Tanaka/Endou, the only thing they do is to affirm Matsumoto's comments "So desu/Naruhodo" etc.
    The sweetest Batsu moments are with Yama-chan getting punished my Chouno or the own staff after all.


    I kind of realize why Heipo is "funny"...


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