Jun 9, 2011

Unique flavor of Kitkat from Japan

Here, I will introduce some unique chocolate from Japan.

It is Kitkat with zunda flavor.
Do you know what zunda is? It's like sweet eda-mame bean paste. Nestle Japan used to sell the flavor only in the Tohoku region as Zunda is one of their famous sweets. But to help the people in Tohoku, where the tsunami hit, they started selling it everywhere in Japan with a 10 yen donation included in the price. So now, I can get it at my neighborhood convenience store.

I have never tried the real zunda paste which is usually sold with mochi(pounded rice cake),also only in Tohoku, but I could taste a slight bean flavor in the light green colored chocolate bar. I liked it. It's less sweeter than the regular milk chocolate bar, so those who don't have a sweet tooth might also enjoy this chocolate bar.

Eda-mame is a kind of green beans, which is a must-have snack on Japanese pub menu. It's usually boiled, and served with salt on top. Speaking of mame (=bean), have you ever heard Endo being called Endo-mame? I don't exactly remember which skit it was in (Please ask Z if you want to know!), but someone was calling him Endo-mame. Endo-mame is also a kind of green beans. They seem to love giving each other stupid nicknames. But I love it.


  1. Endou was called Endou-mame in: Onsen Batsu and High School Batsu. I think there are more examples, but i can't remind right now, 'cause I'm eating my awesome Curry Rice :-)!

    As I worked in a rather luxury restaurant, we had some Edamame Beans (from Japan of course) with roasted Lamb and gnocchi (little Italian Dumplings).

    As for the flavor : I'm a fan of 日本国の料理 but still(one of the healthiest cuisines on the planet), sometimes they are breaking some unwritten rules, if you know what I mean. Soft Ice with wasabi flavor; Wasabi with soft ice flavor, and so on. Anyway, I'd still want to try this, naturally as a cook, not as a human being :).

  2. There is only one flavor of Kitkat in my country, I was blown away when I saw how many there are in Japan.

  3. My eyes go *_* when I see something that is not in Spain. This was interesting, hope to see more random candy/chocolate stuff :D! Oh and how 'bout you make a lil video explaining in the background when you go buy something related to small stuff like candy or something random we dunno 'bout? That'd be cool if you have time ^^! If it's too much ignore my idea, sorry ;P!

  4. Used to get sakura flavoured (inspired) KitKat minis in Ibaraki. They didn't taste like cherry at all, in fact I think they were more strawberry flavoured. These only came out around hanami time, but we could get them by the bagful at the dollar store. At least I think it was a dollar store

  5. @Anon
    Thanks for the info!
    I just had shrimp senbei soft ice on a trip. It didn't really have flavor of shrimp, but it was kind of salty & sweet. It was good tho!

    Yes, there are a lot!! The best one I had was probably "cacao cookie & milk Kitkat".

    Yea, that is a good idea. People will have a better idea what Japan is like. Now I'm too busy to do that, but I would like to do it in the future. Thanks!

    Wow, can you actually get it from a dollar store? I didn't know that. Sakura flavor sounds very unique.

  6. Is JASON a dollar store? That's where it was. I don't know why I remember these things. If it wasn't a dollar store, it was definitely a place that sells overstock. I couldn't read the signs :(


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