Jun 11, 2011

Promotional gifts

Another unique item from Japan is these little promotional gifts that sometimes come with bottled drinks sold at supermarkets or convenience stores. I like to collect these little gifts. So far, I have seen key chains, mini towels, little vegetable farming kits, mint tablets, free coupons of MacDonald hamburger or drink etc..

The free gifts in the picture are the little vegetable farming kits. When I found these at a supermarket, I couldn't resist to buy 3. Now, I'm farming one of these, parsley, at work.

It includes a package of seeds and soil. You can use the bottle cap as a container. There are 5 different kinds of seeds along with parsley, which are butter lettuce, sweet basil, negi, trefoil and leaf lettuce.

Don't you think it's pretty cool for free items? I sometimes buy a bottled drink just to get its free gift. Please check it out when you ever get a chance!


  1. Just reminds me of this Japanese show Shibata subbed 'Enthusiast Hour' or so, where he collects this "kachinkachin" Balls, or how it's called...dunno :-/.

    As a child there was this Micky Mouse comic in Europa, and it always came with some toys. At that time it was probably my main reason to buy this comic :P.

  2. @anon
    Micky Mouse comic with toy! Wow..sounds great..

  3. Wow, that's pretty interesting. I would buy a drink to get that too!


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