Jun 6, 2011

The shortest escalator in the world

I just thought it might be interesting for everyone to know that the shortest escalator in the world is located in Japan.


  1. Hmmm...
    Just makes me think of this humongous heat, here in Austria...
    I would need something like this, from my Room up to my toilette...
    Mandreams, you know ^^...
    Btw, how's the weather in Japan?

  2. @anon
    Yes it is short..You have to be ready to get off as soon as you get on lol
    Today was very hot & humid. But we just had some cold nights earlier. Very strange weather xx

  3. eChie you should be happy.
    Japan is known for it's humid temperature.

    But honest, i don't see the point to ride such things, i can barely see some stairs right in front of the women, shown in the picture.
    Give me a reason, and maybe someday, I'll treat you to some ice cream :-).

  4. I've seen one almost as short in Vancouver, but this one is clearly shorter. It's for Baba and Jiji who can't make it up the short staircase without exhausting themselves.

  5. Like Dave mentioned, as I live in Vancouver, the shortest escalator I went on was about 3 more stairs than that one in Tokyo. Except, ours is used by lazy civilians and the elderly usually uses the staircase beside it =p

  6. @anon
    Icecream =)

    Yeah, it must be for Baba and Jiji lol

    Wow, you live in Vancouver. I heard it's a very very beautiful city.

  7. You've got me. Rightfully it's Daves Ice cream :P.
    I'm going to stay in Osaka for a year. But since you live in tokyo, i don't have to buy you one. Mwuahaha :)!

  8. @anon
    Oh. I thought "Daves Ice cream" would have a better service than that!


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