Jun 12, 2011

Japanese Lesson will start!

I'll be posting random Japanese Lessons.
Now I am thinking to pick up some useful (and maybe not useful) phrases from the GNT skits and explain about it, hoping this will help your understanding of their work.
Please let me know if you have any request. It really doesn't have to be GNT related.


  1. Oh yes, i have a question.
    Why are elderly Japanese Men such perverts? I mean, I've never been to Japan (plan to) but I read that Men look at Ecchie&Hentai Stuff in the Subway/Train. And no, i don't not feel any shame at all, asking such a stupid question =)!

    But as for me, I'm rather accustomed to Japanese Phrases, because I'm listening to the Japanese Language since i was around 14 Years old(Now I'm in my very early 20's, an old bastard =( ). You could post every now and then some famous/infamous ^.^ words with Kanji Composition(Of course with Furigana ). The reason is, not many Workbooks cover this sort of matter. The vast quantity of them cover usual stuff, from higher polite form. Some European Books even do not use Kanji and just Hiragana(or/and RĂ´maji). How are the people supposed to learn the Language, in it's natural form?

    I've read, that many Japanese People say to there Gaijin friends, that they are to formal, ending up in a not too colloquial way.

    I think for now, it's enough inspiration for you :P. Going to watch some One Piece.

    Awaiting your strict Japanese Batsu Lessons with fun =)!

  2. A great idea! I wouldnt mind learning a few words or phrases to help my understanding of GNT material.

  3. @Anonymous: It's not the old dudes you have to worry about, it's the middle-aged salaryman on a packed train you need to be aware of. I was totally shocked when I saw one reading pornographic newspaper pullouts quite openly in the suburbs of Tokyo.
    @eChie: As for unique phrases and such, I'd like to know if there is a blanket method to saying things like dameitetendaora. I thought it was so cool when I learned this phrase, until I found out what it meant. My friends were not impressed. Also, I'd like to know why there are so many different words for I and You. My dictionary is crap, and doesn't show words like Omae.

  4. @Dave
    http://jisho.org/words?jap=omae&eng=&dict=edict Use this one =)!.

    Yah, gonna mark that 'Not old dudes, but middle aged salarayman'. I forgot that elderly Men like small children -.-...


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