Mar 9, 2012

Airport 181-210 people and item descriptions

Subbed Airport 181-210 mins  Watch - Download
If you want to watch or download 0-181 mins, please go to my Airport Page.

Here are explanations for 181-210 minutes,
please let me know if you have something you want to know more about in the clip.
I'll try to explain ;)

Chad Mullane (チャド・マレーン)
He is the first Yoshimoto comedian as a foreigner, was born in Perth, Australia and originally came to Japan as a student. He's in a comedy duo formerly called Jipangu Joriku Sakusen, now Chad Mullane.

A Yoshimoto Comedian visits Chad Mullane's Family in Perth, Australia.    Watch 
Chad Mullane Speaks Kansai Dialect fluently  Watch  

Degawa Tetsuro(出川 哲朗)
He is a comedy talent at Maseki. He used to do lots of dangerous things on variety shows when he was younger such as going to find a hooker to mend her way like Richard Gere did in Pretty Woman, but ending up being kidnapped.

Denpa Shonen - Degawa goes to LA to find his "Pretty Woman"

Kendo Kobayashi(ケンドーコバヤシ)
He is a solo Yoshimoto Comedian. He gave Razor Ramon HG hit first big break as "Hard Gay".

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  1. LOL! I was anxious waiting for the next segment. Thanks for the subs!

  2. Thanks eChie. I do like the New Year's Handtowel Club, but I can never find clips of them. Maybe if I search for Kobayashi-san... now that I at least know his name. Keep up the great work, it is very much appreciated.

  3. @28:41 - Anal warts... really? Poor boss. Maybe it's the translation... Not your fault eChie.

    1. Kendo Kobayashi said "Mizuibo".
      I rechecked on my dictionary..It probably should be molluscum in stead of warts...But I'm not sure...
      Thank you for letting me know. I'll ask Zurui!

    2. I think this is Mizuibo in japanese,伝染性軟属腫

      i dont know japanese very much but i hope this helps

  4. Thank you so much.

    Can't believe they let them broadcast the last part.

    Thanks for the descriptions of the people who appear. Watching the doco on Chad's family now and even without subs it's pretty entertaining.


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