Feb 23, 2012

(Subbed) Kiki Milk

Hi Everyone,

This is another kiki episode.
Hope you'll enjoy!

Watch Pt1 - Watch Pt2  - Download

Added on Feb 24
 Mori Shinichi (森進一) is a famous Japanese ballad singer.
You might think that Endo's Mori Shinichi mimic in the Kiki Milk was not very good by watching  Mori Shinichi singing..
Actually Mori Shinichi is often mimicked by a famous mimic comedian called Korokke,
and lots of other comedians copy his mimic of Mori Shinichi.
So my guess is that Endo was trying to mimic Korokke mimicing Mori Shinichi.
If so, I think Endo was doing a pretty good mimic!?


  1. thank you very much.

  2. Thank you eChie!!

  3. Thank you so much, eChie! I've downloaded every Kiki episode, and it's so great to add another subbed episode to my collection! I was gonna download this from the download link, but it's way faster to just rip both parts from YouTube. It's too bad that bitshare limits people to 45/kbps!

  4. thanks for the sub, but i keep getting error whenever i try downloading?

  5. thank you so much!!

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! you're doing a great job!!! keep on the good work!!!

  7. Thanks eChie! Maybe you could do a who's who for these clips as well. It would be a quick one though - just Mori Shinichi. I can only find clips of him singing. I want to see one where he speaks so I can compare Endo's impression.

    1. I added Mori's description.
      Thank you for your suggestion!

  8. Omg, I LOVE YOU eCHIE. Thanks so much for the subs, made my day :P

  9. Thanks again, eChie! Now I know who Korokke is. He was in [spoiler]Batsu Spy School[/spoiler]. I didn't like his performance then, and from the clips I saw today, he's more of a joker than an impressionist. I don't know most of the people he imitates, but the real Mori Shinichi is much better.

  10. These are great. Thank you eChie♥


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