Feb 21, 2012

Airport 151-180 people and item descriptions

Subbed Airport 151-180 mins  Watch - Download
If you want to watch or download 0-150 mins, please go to my Airport Page.

Here are explanations for 151-180 minutes,
please let me know if you have something you want to know more about in the clip.
I'll try to explain ;)

Baumkuchen (バウムクーヘン)
 It is a kind of layered cake from Germany, made from butter, egg, flour, sugar etc. It is very popular in Japan. There are some famous specialized baumkuchen stores in Japan such as Nenrinya.

Rola (ローラ)
She is a model on a fashion magazine called Vivi in Japan. She is a quarter Japanese and has a twin brother. (Dad: Bangladesh, Mom:Japanese/Russian)
She became popular since she started appearing on variety shows with her smile, cheerful character.

Jimmy Onishi (ジミー大西)
He is a Yoshimoto comedian/artist. During the time he used to work at the backstage of Yoshimoto, he met Sanma, one of the biggest comedians in Japan, and started his career as a comedian with Sanma's help.
At the height of his career as a comedian around 1996, he became an artist.
GNT Good bye Jimmy Onishi SP(1996) 

Otaki Hideji (大滝 秀治)
He is a 86 year old actor.

Sekine Tsutomu (関根 勤)
He is a famous comedian/talent who is known as a good mimic.
Short skit of Otaki and Sekine

2700  Yasoshima Hiroyuki (八十島 弘) & Tsune (ツネ)
2700 is  a comedian duo consists of Yasoshima and Tsune.
They are known for their music comedy as you can see in the airport.
2700 PV Full Ver.


  1. Hi eChie,

    Unless Lola's father is mixed, she (and her brother) are actually 3/4 Japanese. Love your descriptions and all the other stuff you put on here.

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  2. Please ignore the previous comment. eChie is correct. That parentage would make Lola half Bangladeshi, and 1/4 Russian and 1/4 Japanese.

  3. Thanks for the culture hints Dear eChie. You are marvelous!

  4. thanks for the videos eChie, and i love the item descriptions.Keep it coming! :D

  5. thanks a lot I was waiting for this part for a long time


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