Feb 16, 2012

(Raw) Hamada Family Trip to Hawaii

Hi everyone,

I found an interesting clip of Hamada and thought I'd share it with everyone.
This is an unsubbed documentary of Hamada and his family going on a trip to Hawaii, when his sons were still 4 years old and 1 year old.

Watch  pt1  pt2  pt3  pt4  pt5


  1. So Hamada married a beaty queen? I'm trying to work on my limted understanding, but I think the relationship is Hamada + a beautiqueen whose brother played for the Orix Bluewave. Correct?

    1. Yes a beauty queen = Ogawa Natsumi.
      I'm surprised at how beautiful she was back then!
      The other guy is Hoshino Nobuyuki from the Orix Bluewave. Since the both wives were friends, they became friends. The daughter Mebae seems to be a talent now too.

  2. THAT'S MY ISLAND!! I knew Hamada and his family always visited Hawaii but I assumed that they went to Oahu or another more touristy island. I would never bother him on vacation because he most likely wants his privacy and to just have fun with his family but it's still awesome to know that one of my most favorite Japanese celebrities has been on this rock as well. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Any chance that you will sub it?? Pretty please??


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