Feb 8, 2012

Airport 121-150 people and item descriptions

Thank you for waiting, everyone =)

Subbed Airport 121-150 mins  Watch - Download
If you want to watch or download 0-120 mins, please go to my Airport Page.


Shinoni (新おにい) = Maejima Koichi (前島コーイチ)
He is an extra, who belongs to an extra company.  Nothing much about him is known in public.

Kimoi means disgusting or creepy. These members are all comedians, who are popular with their creepy characters.
Chunen means middle age. These members are all middle-aged comedians.

Onee means sister or gay. These members are all gay talents or dancers.

Fujioka Hiroshi (藤岡 弘、)
 He is an actor who acted as Kamen Rider 1.

Kano Sisters (叶姉妹)
They are a self-proclaimed rich celebrity sisters, but they are not real sisters. Mika (left) and Kyoko (right).
They wear expensive clothes and accessories, and talk about their rich life on variety shows, but lots about them like how they make money or if they are really rich to begin with etc remain unclear.

Here are some old pics of them when they were unknown talents.
If you don't want your dream dashed, do not click on the pics
 Mika won Miss Japan Contest   Kyoko1   Kyoko2        

 Yuuki Maomi (優木まおみ)
She is a multi talent who also works as a caster, host, actress, model and so on.  You can see her on a lot of variety shows.

Haruna Ai (はるな愛)
 She is a gay talent who got popular with her performance to imitate Ayaya (Matsuura Aya) around 2008.  She won Miss International Queen 2009  which is a world beauty contest for gay held in Thailand.
Her real name is Onishi Kenji, and when she was still a 13 yrs old "boy",  he came up on some amateur singing contest show.  A 13 yrs old Kenji singing Matsuda Seiko's song on a show


  1. This is what i receive when i clicked the link

    "Too laaate...

    The video has been removed by the user."

  2. Yes it says it has been removed by the user. Was this a mistake?

  3. Eventhough we can't see the video yet, thanks for the info on the details. I remember watching on New Years and just KNOW what is coming up! Hehehe!


    Yamazaki: (avoiding Thai Kick) "I will participate in a different scene later. I'm serious."

  5. ♥ ♥ ♥ Thank you eChie♥ ♥ ♥

  6. I'd also like to know who the female host was. She's gorgeous. And is the person 2nd from the left in the Oneal team really a male?

    1. Answer to this
      'And is the person 2nd from the left in the Oneal team really a male?'
      - Yes she/he is a new half, someone who get a surgery to look like a woman, her/his name is Haruna Ai

  7. Hi ! I have a question about ONEAL FRANCE Team : does this mean that Japanese people associate being French with being gay or effeminate ?

    1. Thanks ! As a French straight man, I would have been pretty disappointed by such a prejudice in a country that I admire so much...

  8. Please tell me those bats were made out of balsa wood


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