Jan 14, 2012

Airport 31-60 people and item descriptions

I made descriptions for Airport Batsu 31-60 min.
Here also are links to watch Second 30 minutes translated.

Subbed Airport Batsu 31-60mins Watch Putlocker   - Download
If you would like to watch the first 30 minutes first, go to my Airport Batsu page.


He is a former singer, who became popular a while ago as a comedian with his first hit song called "Hiyashi chuuka (Cold Chinese noodle)" Watch!.
The song that both Amemiya and Umemiya were singing was actually based on Umeiyas real life experiences.
He also sings other songs that he makes, even ones dedicated to Downtown Watch!, just all in the same melody as his original song.
His songs are not just funny, stupid songs.  You can enjoy background stories of each theme.


He is the leader of Yoshimoto Shinkigeki, Yoshimoto's theatrical comedy group in Osaka.
Even though he is an Osaka-based comedian,  he can be seen on nationwide TV shows here and there recently.
He has a great skill of telling a funny story as you can see that he won MVS(Most Valuable Suberanaihanashi) twice on a Matsumoto's show  "Hitoshi Matsumoto no Suberanai Hanashi", where comedians introduce
                                                      their true and funny stories in turns.
                                                     Here are some of his stories. He won MVS on  Mixer and Snowboard.
                                                     Driving Manner & Snowboard (2 stories)   Ceremonial Robe 

GINZA(銀座) -  Sang in AMEMIYA's song

Ginza is one of the biggest downtown areas in Japan located in Tokyo.
There are department stores, offices, exclusive clubs and restaurants.
It used to be very classy in 90s, but now it is getting to be more casual.

TOEI(東映) -  Sang in AMEMIYA's song

Toei Company, Limited is a major movie company in Japan.

MATSUKATA  (松方)  - Sang in AMEMIYA's song

 Matsukata Hiroki started his acting career at Toei at about the same time as Umemiya. Umemiya and he have been good friends since then.
He is known for his fishing hobby, he caught a giant tsuna whose size was 2.73 meters and weighed 325kg at a tsuna fishing tournament in 2009, and it was sold at approx 4.37 million yen.
 Giant tsuna fishing of Matsukata and Umemiya 1/6 2/6 3/6 4/6 5/6 6/6

MATSUKO DELUXE (マツコ デラックス)
Matsuko is a transvestite celebrity columnist.

Her size: 178cm/140kg/140x140x140
A Young Deluxe  - So different young Matsuko!
Matsuko's Secret Holiday  - YOU appears

Matsuko & Arashi - Her love night situation and favorite food

*For those of you that wish to keep "her" image intact do not click the below picture links!
Matsuko without makeup pic1
 Matsuko without makeup pic 2  
Matsuko without makeup pic 3 (class pic)


  1. eChie... i really want to see the video, but the website is blocked here... can you upload it on veoh or mediafire...

  2. Thanks for explaining and also for linking videos of each person. The Matsuko clip when younger was amazing!

  3. thank you again !

  4. How much of a donation do you need to translate the song Amemiya sings to Downtown in that Youku clip? ;)

  5. That would be awesome! I'd love to see a translation too, as would many other Gaki/Downtown fans. ^_^


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