Jan 29, 2012

Airport 91-120 people and item descriptions

I made descriptions for Airport Batsu 91-120 min.

(Subbed) Airport Batsu 91-120mins  Watch  -  Download
If you want to watch subbed 0-90mins, go to my Airport Batsu Page.

Tsukkomi (ツッコミ)
Japanese comedy duo usually consists of 2 roles, Tsukkomi and Boke.
Tsukkomi is the straight man role.
His job is to quickly correct or punish when Boke, a fool man,  says something funny or does something stupid.
For example, Matsumoto and Tanaka are Boke, and Hamada and Endo are Tsukkomi.

Hori Chiemi (堀 ちえみ)
She debuted as an idol singer, and then became an actress.
In the Stewardess Story, her lines "Instructor!" and "I'm clumsy and as slow as an turtle." were awarded in the buzzwords contest in 1984.Some of you will remember Chiemi from the skit we subbed "Married Couple". Watch

Watanabe Naomi (渡辺直美)
158cm, 90kg, B108cm W105cm H102cm.
She is a solo comedian.  Her performance imitating Beyonce made her popular. She even performed it in front of Beyonce when she was in Japan in 2008.

Kurosawa Kazuko(黒沢 かずこ)
She is a trio comedian in Morisanchu.

Gushiken Youkou (具志堅 用高)
He is an ex WBA World Light-fly Weight Champion, from Ishigaki, Okinawa. Now he is often seen on variety shows, and popular because of his humorous character.

Takeda Nobuhiro (武田 修宏)
He is an ex professional soccer player.  He used to be known as a playboy back then, and now he often talks about it on variety shows.

Umezu Kazuo (楳図 かずお)

Mita Yoshiko (三田 佳子)
She is a famous actress.

Jumbo Ozaki (ジャンボ尾崎)
He is a famous professional golf player.

Tsutsumishita Atsushi (堤下 敦)
He is a duo comedian in Impulse. He is a tsukkomi.

More information will be posted soon, check back again!!


  1. Thanks eChie! I'm curious, have you covered "Shin-Onii" before? I can't quite recall. He's always funny.

  2. Shin-Oni has appeared in Haromoni episodes. In a couple of the theatre scenes so just small roles and you wouldn't have noticed him unless you seen Gaki. :)

  3. Great work as always!!! Also just wondering, are you guys planning on translating the bonus footage as well?

  4. hi Zauchi ! thanks for the work. i already downloaded the batsu in 720p, so i only need the .srt, or .ass file . can you upload it please ? arigato !


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