Jan 22, 2012

Airport 61-90 people and item descriptions

I made descriptions for Airport Batsu 61-90 min.

Subbed Airport Batsu 61-90mins
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If you would like to watch the first 60 minutes first, go to my Airport Batsu page.


Man☆Gataro (漫☆画太郎)

A gag manga artist.  He draws some bizarre and dirty mangas, so even though he is popular, it's not drawn for everyone.


Umezu Kazuo (楳図 かずお)

A horror manga artist.  His famous manga Makoto-chan, his catch phrase "Guwashi!" that he does in the left pic, or even himself appear or are often talked about in GNT episodes and  Batsu Games. Kiki Mayo

 His striped house
In 2007, he started renovating his "Makoto-chan House",  he painted the walls into red and white stripe.  He was sued by neighbor residents for spoiling the landscape, and it was rejected in 2009.

Hakuryu (白竜)

Hakuryu is an actor, who often acts bad man roles in Yakuza movies.
It is very rare to see him on variety shows.

Takahashi Keiko (高橋 惠子)

Keiko is an actress.
High school Blues

Cabin Attendant Story (キャビンアテンダント物語)

The drama in the batsu game was a remake of a real drama called Stewardess Story.


  1. I can't get to the download link.

    1. I added an alternate download link on the right.
      Please try from there.

  2. Hello !

    Thank you very much for your hard work and all the interesting information, you're so cool !

  3. thank you so much !

  4. this section gives international viewers a meaning to some jokes presented in the batsu game. Thank you for you great effort Echie :D

  5. Filesonic no longer allows downloading from its links.

  6. Takahashi Keiko = Kokosei blues? That might be hard to get a hold of. Her newer stuff might be easier to find.

  7. filesonic is down! can you give another dl link?

  8. What is the password for the 60-90 minute file?

  9. This might be a dumb question but what's the password to open the subbed Airport releases? I've checked the FAQ and the individual posts with no lluck -_-


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