Jun 4, 2011

Hi from Echie

Hi Everyone,

I'm Echie.
Thank you very much for visiting my blog.

I started this blog as a place to store Downtown's skits that I subbed.
(To go to Downtown skits that I subbed, click here)

As most of you who happened to come to my blog may, I love & respect Downtown and the other members of Gaki. And after knowing that so many people around the world enjoy their comedy, but not much of their works had subbed yet, I decided to start doing this.
I never intend to ruin their excellent works, but as I'm not a native English speaker, there might be some mistakes, but please bear with me.
(Actually people have been leaving me so kind & nice comments about my subbing. I really appreciate it and it's becoming my motivation!)

Also I have been thinking what else would be good to add to my blog.
Now I'm thinking to write about some stuff from Japan, such as candies, drinks, food, shops etc..anything from Japan.
Or some useful Japanese phrases might be good ?
I' ll start posting something soon as well as my new subs.

So please come back here once in a while when you have time...


To go to Downtown skits that I subbed, click here


  1. Thank you for all of your work eChie and thank you for posting information about Japan!

  2. Hi eChie.
    First of all congrats to your blog, please keep in mind, that'll no be always an easy path, がんばってね as you folks say (don't know if its written in Kanji or in Kana, punch me if i'm wrong)

    As I First visited this site, i was not sure,if it'll be a Japanese blog only. (Honestly I'm practicing Japanese in an "easygoing" pace, and the only big difficulty are the Kanji's)
    But indeed, your English knowledge is excellent, from my point of view. Maybe I'm not in the position to say this, after all my native Language is Croatian.

    Because you wrote, you'll eventually gonna write about Japanese related stuff, I'd be very grateful if you sort of describe, how you did learn the Kanji's, how many do you know etc, the whole procedure. Again, punch me if I'm to private in this matter, after working several Years in a renowned kitchen, i've began to like pain.

    I'll be curiously waiting for new blog entry's =)!

  3. echie~~~ ^o^

    I've bookmarked yours and zurui's blog for more updates ;)

  4. @anon
    Thank you for visiting! You're welcome^^

    I can't punch your face because what you wrote was perfect Japanese ^^ Thank you for the word!
    Now I'm thinking how I have learnt Kanjis, what will be a good way to learn it..I'll post it when my ideas are fixed! Thanks for the idea!

    Wow! Iniininininini!
    Thank you for bookmarking my blog...
    Your visit was a happy surprise for me!

  5. anon2 @ eChie
    (I'll be posting in future, if you're a interesting blogger ;-) further as anon, forgive me. Too lazy to make an account, and be social...)
    Just saw yesterday Jim Carrey in 'Yes Man', and if you're familiar with the Movie, he always says yes, even if he's about to get in a fight.
    The noneseeing point is, there are several ways of learning Kanji, i learned with some rather 'unique' technique , and know about 2050~ Kanji, if not 2100 (I'm gonna Gaijin Smash some Japanese fellas' with this knowledge, if the chance is there hehe :)! ) And as a 外国人 : 難しいですねえー・Don't ask how much hours I needed to reach this point. Lastly, as well as luckily, i showed some patience towards myself, towards the language, and towards my dream.

    To come to an end, not to sound too cheesy, to better clarify myself, I'd like to know how did you learn, what difficulty's you've had (maybe your comrades, etc) and so on. From my perspective THIS is a really difficult task.

    Many people say Japanese is NOT an easy Language, I say it is, but the reading-system is among the toughest around. So people tend to give up. And that's the interesting point for myself, please forgive my egoism.

    And without further ado, my Japanese is far away from perfect, rather lousy. I'm just familiar with the basic grammar.

    ps.: Comment turned out to be littler longer, than I'd expected

  6. Great work so far, thanks for everything!

  7. @Anon2
    Wow, you are super good!!
    My trouble with Kanji, is that since nowadays we don't really write Kanjis with a pen so often since we use PC instead, I am forgetting a lot of Kanjis lol

    Thank you so much!

  8. anon2@eChie

    You're not alone. I still have to search some Kanji's. I know the meaning, but hell, sometimes i just can't remember the Readings.

    Reminds me of the new Jouyou Kanji list. Depression 鬱29 strokes. And as you said, thats one of the main reasons such Kanji's are even used in the list, because you don't have to wirte 29 fu**ing strokes cO!! I don't want to know how often the Kanjis were simplified because of the Stroke Orders. Just remembered one example : 蟲 => 虫

    As it applies to you, it also counts for me. I still live in Europa, and the only way I'm using Kanjis, is if I read, watch animes (rather rarely) or Japanese Movies.

    But enough with this stuff, i don't think you're so fascinated about Japanese culture, writing systems, etc as I am =)!

  9. Thank you for all your work on GnT and your blog. Please keep it up. I enjoy it and your English is excellent!


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